7 Google Search Tricks For SEO

Hasan Aboul Hasan
2 min readJan 4, 2024
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Without introductions and wasting time, here are 7 Google Search Tricks that helps in SEO.

1- Get the Number of pages indexed


Search query: site:learnwithhasan.com

For an in-depth SEO audit, check the SEO analyzer tool.

2- Find duplicate content

Duplicate content can negatively impact search engine rankings, leading to issues such as diluted authority and confusion for both search engines and users.


Search query: site:mydomain.com intitle:”search term”.

3- Competitor analysis

Let’s hunt for competitors


Search query: “search keyword” -site:mydomain.com

You can also hunt for competitors using our AI Powered Competitors research tool. Try it!

4- keyword research

In this context, search combinations can help you check the popularity of a certain keyword or see in what context competitors use it.


Search query: intext:”search term”.

Try our AI-powered keyword Research tool for hundreds of suggestions with search metrics and AI analysis.

5- Monitor brand mentions

Brand mentions can help you track your online reputation, engage with your audience, and identify opportunities for enhancing brand visibility.

To locate web pages where your brand name is mentioned both in the title and the URL:

Try this: intitle:”brand name” inurl:”brand name”.

6- Detect content gaps

As an SEO specialist, you should focus on ensuring that your website provides relevant information, meets user needs, and stays competitive in your industry. And one of the ways to achieve success is by detecting and eliminating content gaps.

To compare your website with a competitor for containing a specific keyword, input the following combination:

site:competitor1.com OR site:competitor2.com “search term”.

7- Identify guest posting opportunities

Contributing valuable content to reputable websites is crucial for expanding your online presence and establishing authority in your niche.

Seeking websites that openly invite guest contributions? Try:

intitle:”write for us” OR intitle:”submit guest post” “your niche”.

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