I Wish Every ChatGPT User Reads This!

You Are Missing The Real Power of ChatGPT If You Don’t Do This!

Hasan Aboul Hasan
5 min readMay 4, 2023

I wish every ChatGPT user reads this story. Not only read but try to test and implement it as it will change dramatically the way you use ChatGPT.

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Understanding the next few minutes will help you save a ton of time and open your mind to how to use ChatGPT correctly for mind-blowing results!

Note: Excuse me if you find some english mistakes here, am not Native English speaker and I don’t use ChatGPT to write my articles 😅

The Idea!

The best way to understand this is by going through a practical example.

Let’s assume that you are a YouTuber! and you have the video production workflow as follows:

Topic -> Title Ideas -> Thumbnail Ideas -> Scripting -> Recording -> Editing -> Publish -> Promote.

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Anyway, so this workflow usually takes an average of 10–30 hours, depending on the channel. For me, it takes around ~10 hours.

2–3 videos a week means ~30 hours!

Let’s cut the recording and editing tasks, as they are out of scope in our case here. The other tasks will take like 5–10 hours.

So, in short, we want to cut down the time to 1–2 hours with the help of ChatGPT, and here are the main tasks that we have:

Topic > Title Ideas > Thumbnail Ideas > Script > … > Promote.

You may tell me with some advanced prompts, chatting with ChatGPT, and some other YouTube AI tools we can save time doing this!

Yeah, maybe you are right! But it is not the best approach. We want something more powerful, easy, and stable!

And Remember that we are talking about a specific scenario here (the YouTube workflow) with 4–5 tasks. We may have 20, 50, or even 100 Tasks in other workflows and scenarios!

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So I don’t think you want to go to ChatGPT every time and Start Chatting and asking for 50 or 100 tasks. Memorize the same prompts; maybe ChatGPT is down sometimes. It will probably take more time than the manual process!

So the idea is to create what we call an “Automated-GPT-Chain” Script.

Did you hear about Langchain or AutoGPT? It is something similar but way simpler and targeted to a specific scenario to achieve the best results.

And if you didn't hear about it, no worries. We are not using them here anyway :)

Running The Script (Demo)

Cool Ha!

The Power of Chains

There are 4 main aspects of this project:

1- Advanced Prompts

If you open the prompts.py file, you will find a list of prompts used. Feel free to customize and test if you want.

2- Automation:

You don't need to go every time and ask ChatGPT for each task manually. Everything is automated in 1 click!

3- Chaining:

Here is the core part. If you check the main script file, you will see that we are chaining the outputs. For example, the output of the first task (title ideas) is the input of the second (thumbnail ideas). This idea is very important as we are automatically feeding the results and building on top of it!

4- Simplicity:

This script is not written in the best way in terms of best practices. I made it like this to keep it simple for beginners. So anyone can edit and customize based on their specific workflow.

Setup and Run the Script (2 minutes)

It is very easy to set up and run this script. All you need to do is. Download the script files. Install python. Install required modules. And run!

1- Click here to download the project files. Or check the source on GitHub here.

2- Install Python

Go to Download Python | Python.org and download the setup file. Run it and make sure to tick the “Add Python to Path” checkbox.

3- Install the required modules.

Just open any terminal like Powershell or terminal inside visual studio code, and run the following command:

pip install openai

4- Set OpenAI API Key

Open the [chat_gpt_api.py] File, and paste the OpenAI key from your account.

5- Run the script file (you will find it in the downloaded folder)

Customize for another workflow.

In the prototype discussed above, we went through the Youtube workflow.

What if you want to customize it for something else? Add more tasks?

You will need to change the prompts. And make slight changes to the main script file.

You can find a practical example in my original post here.

You may be thinking now. I need to learn Python, prompt engineering, and some other tech skills!

Why not! Come on; we are in 2023. Wake up!

And the good news is: I am here to help

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Today’s Quote:

Invest in your self. it is the best investment you will ever do!

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