Programming With AI — The RJP Technique!

This may change programming forever!

Hasan Aboul Hasan
5 min readNov 5, 2023

This will be our first post in my new series, “Programming with AI” where I share tips and techniques that help you code in no time!

⚠️Disclaimer: Please note that this post is for educational purposes only. We kindly ask that you use the information responsibly — more details to follow in the post.

So, 2 weeks ago, While I was researching new AI techniques and tools to help in programming and save time coding my new apps and tools, I discovered the “RJP” technique.

This technique helped me save over 60 hours of coding and made me finish my New SEO Analyzer Tool backend code in minutes.

What is the RJP Technique?

Let me share a story. Last year, I created a website named “” I didn’t build it from scratch; I bought it from codecanyon.

The site worked well, but after some time, I faced problems. Changing things on the site or adding new features wasn’t easy. That got me thinking: why not make my own tool that does exactly what I want?

So, I started creating this tool. But it wasn’t easy!

I spent many days (almost two months) trying to code it. And even then, it wasn’t perfect. I got busy with other work, and soon, I couldn’t spend much time on this project. So, I put it on hold.

But then, something amazing happened. ChatGPT launched. And my prompt engineering journey started.

After doing a lot of research, I learned a cool method called the RJP Technique.

What’s that? It stands for Reverse Json Prompt.

Here’s how it works in simple terms: You show ChatGPT the output of a function (in a JSON format).

In our case, it is the output of the SEO Audit tool. Then, you ask ChatGPT to help you write the full code to output that JSON.

Like Magic, I just searched on Rapid API for an SEO Audit API, got the JSON, copied it, and I passed it to ChatGPT as Input to a prompt.

And I got the unexpected result: the full function in seconds!

Thanks to this, our new SEO tool is now ready! and You can test the API I created here: SEO Analyzer API

Here is the simple prompt I used:

👤 I want to build an SEO audit tool with Python, I will give you the JSON output I want, and I want you to reverse engineer and write the function that takes a URL as an input and generates that JSON as output, ready?

And ChatGPT responded:

🤖 Certainly, I can help you build a function for an SEO audit tool in Python. Please provide the JSON output structure you're aiming for so I can reverse engineer it and write the function accordingly.*

I gave it the JSON, and it simply wrote the full code for me!

Thanks to ChatGPT and the RJP Technique, our new SEO tool is now ready! But having the basic function wasn’t enough for me. I want a tool with more features, like information about the target domain, backlinks, and AI analysis using AI.

You can see this in action in this video:

Ethical Considerations

When I discovered this technique, I was very surprised by how well it worked. If you try it, you might be surprised too!

But there’s a big question:

Is it right to use this way? Is it ethical?

Those who follow my work know I care a lot about doing things right in business.

So, is this method okay to use? I’ll tell you my thoughts, but I’m also here to listen if you have different opinions.

Since ChatGPT became popular, many things in online business changed. This led to many questions:

  • Is it okay to use ChatGPT to copy a writing style for your blog?
  • Some can write posts very fast with it, while others take a long time. Is that fair?
  • Is it okay to make whole books with it and sell them using other people’s ideas?
  • Was making ChatGPT in the first place, training it on all the books and online info, even okay?

All these are debatable questions, and There’s much to discuss here. But let me, in these few words, share my thoughts.

First, I always share things based on what I’ve tried and learned. I’m just telling you about this new way because I tried it.

Second, this method isn’t perfect. It won’t work for everything, especially when you have APIs that are based on data, third-party services, or even complex algorithms and logic. But it can help you get a good start and save time.

Third, and what’s more important, is to uncover the capabilities of AI to help you prepare for the future.

So If we can save 60 hours of work in minutes, as I did in my scenario, anyone may raise the question: Is AI going to take over programmers?

Let’s talk more about this in the next part.

Is AI going to take over programmers?

Previously, I highlighted the importance of understanding the power of AI and preparing for the future it shapes.

If AI has the prowess to fully script and code APIs, does this mean programmers on platforms like RapidAPI could become obsolete, replaced by AI in mere moments?

Looking through a conventional lens, you might say “Yes”.

However, with an evolved mindset and skill set, the answer shifts to “No”.

The key lies in enhancing your capabilities, particularly in programming and prompt engineering.

Focus on crafting APIs and scripts that rely on data or contain customized functionalities that hinge on unique logic and algorithms.

I’ve shown several examples and ideas in my course, [Build and Sell APIs].

Anyway, the idea is to think about implementing your own experience, data, style, logic, and algorithms not only in your code but even if you are a blogger, what makes you unique today is sharing your own experience.

And this post is a great example of this! I am sharing with you the results of my research and discussing my thoughts. This is what AI will never do (at least for now 😅).

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