Revealing My Secret Prompt That Generates a Full SEO Strategy in 1 Minute 🧐

Hasan Aboul Hasan
3 min readJul 16, 2023


Today, I will reveal one of the premium prompts I use to create a full SEO strategy in 1 minute.

Without wasting time and talking too much, here is the prompt:

“As an SEO expert specializing in keyword research, your objective is to create a well-rounded content plan for a specific target keyword. This task involves the creation of a comprehensive and strategic content plan drawn from your expertise in SEO and compliance with recent Google Quality guidelines and Google E-A-T rules.

Your content plan should encompass the following components:

  1. Under the header “Meta Title”, you’re required to write a 60 to 75-character meta title involving the main keyword. Be sure to implement attention-grabbing, click-through-rate (CTR) driven titles. Refrain from using quotation marks around the content.
  2. Under “Meta Description”, craft a 175 to 200-character CTR-driven meta description for this page based on the provided data. Create a description that draws attention and encourages a click. Please do not add quotation marks around the content.
  3. Create a list of FAQs associated with the primary keyword, display them as an unordered list, and label them under the header “FAQs”.
  4. Prepare an unordered list of related search queries connected to the primary keyword, and title this section “Related Queries”.
  5. List prime long-tail keywords that are plausible to rank due to the lack of quality content in the top positions, according to recent Google Quality Guidelines and on-page SEO efforts. Share this as an unordered list and title it “Long Tail Keywords”.
  6. Collate the top 15 keywords and incorporate them into a structured markdown table. The first column should contain the keyword, the second the keyword intent, and the final column should specify how many times you recommend using the keyword, expressed as an integer. Denote this section with “Keywords”.
  7. Lastly, create an unordered list of 10 SEO entities applicable to the primary keyword and label them as “Entities”.

Bear in mind, the end reader will find the content beneficial, instantly valuable, and easy to read. Your plan should lure clicks and promptly answer the searcher’s intent. Retain your creativity and attention to detail while adhering to all specified guidelines and requirements.

Target keyword: [Keyword]”

How To Use?

Just Open ChatGPT, Paste the Prompt, and replace [Keyword] with your target topic or keyword, and see the magic!

I also created a free online tool to test this prompt directly. Check it out here.

P.S. If you are interested in accessing the full Premium prompts library + my Premium Prompt Engineering Course that helps you engineer similar prompts yourself and sell them as we saw in the “Sell Prompts Guide,” Click Here.



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